Grindelwald vs Zermatt

Francis F asked 11 months ago

I will be travelling to Switzerland in the last week of September for 4 nights. Out of this 2 nights I would stay in Zurich. The remaining 2 nights, there is confusion between Zermatt and Grindelwald.

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Louise answered 11 months ago

Hello! We had a recent visit to Zurich and Grindelwald. The latter is stunning! We would return in a heartbeat. We spent a day walking the trails but with we would have stayed the night as the views from Grindelwald village are so lovely. We didn’t visit Zermatt. It is a farther drive from Zurich. But, what we discovered in our time in Switzerland is that you can’t go wrong. Everything is beautiful.

gigi replied 11 months ago

We have been to both and enjoy both. Zermatt has the advantage of being a car-free Village, which we really like.

In either place your views are dependent upon nice clear weather.

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