I’m staying out of this: Thoughts about climbing the Matterhorn

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Warren asked 11 months ago

Rise in the number of deaths on the Matterhorn is being blamed on a ‘hotel for climbers’ on the Swiss side charging too much for rooms.
Daily Mail reports…
I will say that I climbed the Matterhorn in 1986 and my wife and I bunked overnight at the Hornli hut. It was expensive then and inflation is what it is today, so the room rates have gone up accordingly… Climbing the Matterhorn was a special highlight in my life and so is the memory of staying at the Hornli Hutte…

The good thing is–if these people get into trouble–public services will be there to bail them out!  READ: AIR ZERMATT and I’ve had occassion to have Air Zermatt help me out.

So, basically the Italians need to put some safety information up. Not the Hornli Hutte’s problem, nor fault that another country doesn’t provide enough safety information for mountaineering.

Cheers  People & Fellow Zermatt Climbers – Johnnie Swiss

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