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CJG asked 11 months ago

Zermatt for me has to be one of the greatest resorts in the world. Bare in mind this is a subjective and personal judgement, provided, of course, you are not a first time skier for me Zermatt ticks all the boxes.
The village is of course dominated by the view of the Matterhorn and the superb skiing available on Klein Matterhorn, Trockner Steig, Gornergrat and Sunnegga is enough for pretty well all of us unless you are in the Ranulph Fiennes mould. But to be honest if you are of the RF mould then Breithorn would suffice!
The restaurants provide an added bonus be that at Village and Mountain level. At the top of the tree is in my view Zum See, an easy ski through forests brings you to this cosy place slightly of the way of the wandering crowds, its seems like a place that you find only if you know about it. In January or February it is best to eat inside as cold weather tends to dominate the atmosphere. MY favourite dishes being the wonderful lamb, truffle ravioli and a delicious cream slice come to mind, all washed down with excellent Swiss wine, no wonder they do not bother to export much.
In the same category, and not far behind, Franz and Heidi, again an easy ski down from the higher slopes, and a short walk off the piste between farm buildings to this small but inviting hut. Lamb again on the menu and great home-made pasta. For me eating in these places makes the skiing experience doubly enjoyable and serves to set Zermatt on a higher plane than most resorts, expensive, YES! But if you budget for 40-60 per head including wine you will eat well and you do not have to do this everyday of your holiday but you probably will!!

Gebs replied 10 months ago

CJG, welcome to the site firstly! That sums up a weeks skiing in Zermatt pretty perfectly to be honest, you always try not to eat in the nice places everyday but it happens! What a shame!

Look forward to reading your other bits!

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