train ticket discounts and lift tickets in zermatt

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Dave asked 9 months ago

In November of this year, my wife and myself  are flying to Geneva then getting the train to Zermatt to do some hiking. While we are in Zermatt we will use the Mountain railways/lift cars to Sunnegga, Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and Gornegrat then the train back to Geneva. What would be the best option for rail travel tickets? Transfer ticket, half price pass, combination of both? or is there a better solution as I’m confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Johnnie Swiss Staff answered 9 months ago

Half Fare Card for tourists and Saver Day passes for the GVA/Zermatt and Zermatt/GVA days is the way to go for Sure!
HFC costs you 120frs.each. Get this via You can buy online and print at home. Then the Saver Day pass (same website) go on sale 60 days prior. Get those as SOON as they come on sale. They start at 29frs with the HFC. HFC will cut all mountain travel in Zermatt by 50%. So if you take the Gornergrat train and the Kleine Matterhorn lifts just once you will save at least 100frs. It will pay for itself AND get you there cheaper.
Normal train ticket one way GVA/Zermatt is 102frs… Saver Day Pass with HFC at 29frs saves 73frs each
So, you can’t go wrong with this “offer/discount”.
Bon Voyage,
Johnnie Swiss

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